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Our services


We provide corporate and private investors strategy and M&A support

  • Commercial Due Diligence (CDD, VCDD)

  • Deal support and advisory

  • Market entry, market growth strategy

  • Portfolio & Turnaround strategy

  • Corporate development, strategic planning, and change management support

  • Bespoke projects (critical issue resolution, strategy workshops…)

We specialise in the Media and Events sectors

What makes us different 

1.  Flexible and versatile

  • We help you in the format that is most useful to you at that moment. We are not only delivering the “typical” strategy reports, but also adjusting to your needs - we know a briefing email before your chairman meeting can make the difference… 

  • We focus on the key issues, and we adjust our work as they change during the project lifespan 

  • We can deploy teams in various time-zones, facilitating research across all continents (typically our team works around the clock!)


2.  Accessibility and continuity

  • The partners are deeply involved in each project

  • We are available on short notice for any conversation; there is always one of them hands on deck and informed, independent of half-terms breaks etc.!


3.  Value


  • As we work remotely and have a transparent pricing approach 

  • With no expensive City office and to maintain, all the project fee goes to project research, and to getting the best team for the job at hand, rather than to head office costs or to recruiters 


4.  We are nicer to work with (so say our clients)

  • We enjoy what we do and we are glad that it shows!

  • We are quick to adapt to your team’s culture, working style and integrate with client teams (yours and new target acquisitions) where needed

Recent projects & clients

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