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Our team

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We operate as a strategy network. 

Our core team consists of two partners, Jake and Celine, who offer complementary strengths and are both deeply involved in project delivery. Jointly they have over 30 years of experience in strategy consulting and in-house strategy roles, in a variety of sectors and countries. 
We deploy selected consultants in our network to support project delivery, guaranteeing you the best team tailored to your specific project requirements. 

Jake Austin

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  • 20 years of Corporate Development and Strategy experience including roles in-house (UBM PLC and Clarion Events) and with boutique consulting firms (AMR, Plural) 

  • Extensive experience working with teams in the events, media and information sectors 

  • Practical strategy that is grounded in customer research and design thinking that drives actionable innovation and change

  • Excels at working out of a box and flexibly with clients in complex markets, operating contexts, and team environments

Celine Dhorne

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  • Over 10 years of strategy consulting experience, including managing positions at CIL Management Consultants and Cairneagle (L.E.K. spin-off)

  • Strategy experience in a variety of fields, with a stronger focus on the media, publishing, technology and education sectors

  • Trilingual French / English / Spanish (all with a light French accent)

  • Excels at bringing structure to the thinking, at developing new methodologies, and at keeping team spirits high!

We’re always adding bright minds to our network - reach out to us if you think you could be a good fit!

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